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Where Beauty Awakens with Phi Harmony

(SINCE 2023)

Five diverse and radiant women, representing the essence of Eos Aesthetics' commitment to beauty for every skin tone and color, stand united.



Exemplifying the vision of Eos Aesthetics, a stunning woman embodies the concept of beauty and perfection.
Capturing timeless allure, a black and white portrait of a beautiful girl embodies the essence of elegance and charm.

With us, you'll find exceptional services, unparalleled artistry, and a journey of awakening that transcends time. Embrace the enchantment of Eos Aesthetics and allow us to be your guide in unveiling the masterpiece that is your own radiant beauty. Discover the harmony of timeless allure, where beauty and artistry celebrate the essence of your being.


At Eos Aesthetics, our mission is to blend the timeless beauty of art with the transformative power of aesthetics. We are committed to providing a sanctuary where every individual can embrace their natural allure while indulging in the harmonious symphony of creativity and expertise. Through our exceptional services, led by our Phi-certified specialist Paris, we aim to enhance not just your appearance but your self-confidence and happiness. Guided by the principles of the golden ratio, we strive to create beauty that is balanced, harmonious, and uniquely tailored to each person's individuality. Step into the world of Eos Aesthetics, where every touch is an artistic masterpiece, and every client's journey is an affirmation of beauty and self-discovery.


"Image: Sharon Jeong, Licensed Medical Aesthetician at EOS Aesthetics"

Your Partner in Aesthetic Excellence

Sharon has been in the medical aesthetics field for nearly 10 years. Her focus is on client needs and continuous growth as she will provide you the best possible results with sincerity and transparency. Sharon specializes in fat loss, skin tightening, medical facials and laser hair removal treatments. Some treatments include radiofrequency, ultrasonic cavitation, cryolipolysis, shockwave therapy, IPL photofacials, the Classic Greenpeel, and more. 

"Image: Dr. Maya Daustany, MD | Phi Artist at EOS Aesthetics"

Bridging Medicine and Aesthetics at EOS Aesthetics

At EOS Aesthetics, meet Maya Daustany, a dedicated medical professional from abroad, currently in the process of registering her foreign medical degree in Canada. Her journey has led her into the world of aesthetics and wellness, driven by a passion for enhancing natural beauty and boosting self-confidence.


Maya specializes in advanced techniques like microblading, expertly blending her medical knowledge with the art of facial enhancement. She upholds the highest standards of excellence and attention to detail, ensuring personalized treatments that leave clients feeling confident and refreshed.


Amidst her ongoing journey of growth in the beauty and wellness industry, Maya invites you to join her in rediscovering beauty, both inside and out.

"Image: Wyling Leung, BScN | Certified Cosmetic Nurse Injector at EOS Aesthetics"

A Dedicated Aesthetic Nurse at Eos Aesthetics

Wyling Leung, BScN, RN is a dedicated professional with a passion for aesthetic medicine and patient care. As a graduate in Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Registered Nurse, she has honed her skills in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic nursing. At Eos Aesthetics, she offers a range of services including skin treatments, injectables, and laser hair removal. Her deep understanding of facial anatomy and meticulous attention to detail enables her to provide treatments tailored to individual needs and aesthetic goals.

Wyling is committed to staying at the forefront of the latest techniques and treatments in aesthetic medicine through continuous education and advanced training courses. She strives to provide each patient with a personalized experience that enhances their physical appearance while boosting their confidence and well-being. Outside of work, she enjoys an active lifestyle in the beautiful city of Toronto, embodying her belief that a balanced lifestyle is key to maintaining a youthful appearance and radiant skin.

"Image: Paris Khodadoust, Phi Artist and Licensed Medical Aesthetician at EOS Aesthetics"

Meet Paris, Eos Aesthetics Founder & Specialist

Paris, a beauty expert with 5+ years of experience, started as a licensed medical aesthetician. She's a Phi microblading specialist, setting the gold standard in permanent makeup. Her precision and artistry earn consistent 5-star reviews. Join Paris on a transformative beauty journey.

Paris, the creative heart at Eos Aesthetics, is a revered Phi microblading specialist with 5+ years of experience. Her artistry, backed by a medical aesthetician license, turns eyebrows into elegant masterpieces. Experience beauty excellence guided by Paris.


Her work earns 5-star ratings across the beauty world. Let Paris reveal your authentic radiance through her visionary touch.









"Image: Abstract Goddess Wings Illustration - Inspired by Eos's Wings, Our Aesthetic Vision and Logo"


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